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Automated Strain Analysis & Measurement

  • Quick Strain & Geometry Data Collection

  • Flexible Data Display

  • Forming Limit Curve Tools

  • Advanced Equation Editor


The ASAME Target Model is an image capture and software tool used by production and research engineers to solve formability problems. This portable system, using widely spread SLR cameras,  measures the surface geometry and strain distribution on a deformed part.

A flexible system which can easily travel from site to site, the Target Model measures everything from radiator dimples, airplane wings to car panels.


A pattern of square grids is applied to an undeformed blank. The sheet metal or plastic part is then stamped. Using the data of the original undeformed grid size, the ASAME Target Model can measure the surface geometry and strain on the part using digital image correlation, where two or more views of an area on the component are photographed in different positions.

These offset views are then digitized in two dimensions. Photogrammetry principles are then applied to generate the three dimensional map of the area. Based on the known undeformed grid size and the three-dimensional data for each deformed grid, the surface strain is calculated.


Powered by two patented technologies, the software has enjoyed more than a decade of improvements, resulting in a sophisticated measurement and data analysis package.


ASAME presents the full 3D part with color data and photographic overlays. There are a variety of tools, such as forming limit and section line plots, which allow quick identification of critical areas. In addition, an image of the measured region is stored along with all process variables and any additional user input, providing complete documentation of a measured part in one package. A powerful equation editor enables customization of the data display.

OptiStrain; Strain measurement & analysis, geometry data collection
  • Thickness reduction

  • FEA Verification

  • Formability Research

  • Material Analysis

  • Forming Limit Curves

  • Material Selection

OptiStrain: enabling measurement & simulation comparison
  • Process Comparison

  • Metals, Plastics, & Vinyl

  • Production Problems

  • Tailored Blank Analysis

  • Die launch, design, buy-off
    & maintenance

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