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Dynamic Light for Surface Inspection

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Tunnel dynamic lighting


The OPTILUX LED-based dynamic light displays are at the heart of the surface inspection solutions developed by VIRELUX.


The curved structured light generator technology allows the development of dedicated metrology and surface inspection stations.


The modular display systems are also a novel stand-alone solution:
They can be used as dynamic displays for audit stations, as well as dedicated, curved displays for quality inspection.  


The OPTILUX light generators improve visual acuity through the use of a dynamic display mode, capable of rendering horizontal and vertical stripes with a sinusoidal light transitions. This feature fundamentally increases the topography visibility of defaults in the perceived quality, significantly reducing operator fatigue and discomfort during inspections.


Furthermore, the continuous curvature of the dynamic displays allows the generation of regular & uninterrupted light patterns (adjustable in width) with progressive grey-level transitions, improving detection capabilities.

The OPTILUX displays are also adapted to do automotive inline paint quality control inspections. You may find further information about this application on our dedicated page: Automotive Paint Inspection

  • Dynamic & structured control of displayed light

  • Continuous display curvature

  • Adjustable stripes width

  • V & H direction of stripes display

  • Sinusoidal grey-level stripe transitions

  • Simple and modular scalability

  • Adjustable luminosity, contrast, color & temperature settings

  • Designed for automated, industrial-grade defect detection

Designed for appearance quality and paint defects inspection  

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