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Dynamic Light for Surface Inspection

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Cabin dynamic lighting

Inspection station

Small screen

Large screen

Sample holder

Curved screen

The SLG’s are independent dynamic LED Displays that can be employed for regular commercial purposes, or more specific industrial missions.


Based on its unique modular design, they can be assembled into flat or curved displays of various sizes and shapes. Allowing display dimensions specifically adapted for the chosen application

LED display, built in a curved shape, with an inner radius of as per catalogue, or customized to client’s request.


Display composed of a LED based screen, equipped with an adapted light diffusor system.


Module groups consisting of P4 LEM modules mounted in L shape brackets, each equipped with its own power supply and proprietary receiving card.


Integrated data bus system and dynamic image display drivers.


Bi-component diffusor panel system, with optimized light transmission factor, mounted on unidirectional tensioners.


The diffusor is removable at the bottom end, to ease maintenance access to the LED display modules.

  • Dynamic & structured control of displayed light

  • Continuous display curvature

  • Adjustable stripes width

  • V & H direction of stripes display

  • Sinusoidal grey-level stripe transitions

  • Simple and modular scalability

  • Adjustable luminosity, contrast, color & temperature settings

  • Designed for automated, industrial-grade defect detection

Designed for appearance quality and paint defects inspection  

Download the OptiLux product documentation

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