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Measurement of Glass Quality Appearance

OptiGlass: Surface Appearance Quality Control Logo

OptiGlass is designed to measure the reflective optical properties in automotive glass which directly impact the perceived appearance (read aesthetic) quality.


The system provide reliable and objective judgement of the reflected distortion based on absolute 3D Deflectrometry for 3D shape of the glass and absolute curvature results with highest accuracy.

OptiGlass: Measurement Result, based on reflected pattern displaye don the glass' surface

A further advantage is the compactness design based on our own curved screen LED technology.


The solution can be provided as a standalone equipment or as a dual station that integrate both the OptiGlass and OptiFrag technologies into one common Audit Station generating cost-savings for client by regrouping two distinct and complementary solutions into a single hardware equipment.

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  • Curved screen technology --> Compactness of the equipment

  • Better distribution of reflected fringes --> uniform sensitivity

  • Absolute measurement of 3D Shape and Curvature

  • Same hardware for 2 different applications (OptiGlass & OptiFrag)

  • Automated calibration for absolute measurement with optimal signal-to-noise ratio

  • Fast and reliable measurement

  • Compliant with VW-PV 8203 specifications

​High performance in glass Appearance

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