Audit station and static light tunnel for visual inspection

Regular and continuous light reflected with progressive transitions

Application in paint defect inspection

Visual inspection for irregularities in reflected light

Inefficient light distribution due to discontinued static light sources

Paint  inspection in production lines, aimed at minor default detection on car bodies, is a very demanding task of key importance. The reflected surface light directly affects the visual inspection performance, with current static solutions requiring extensive levels of concentration and attention to compensate for their technological limitations.

The OptiLux solution improves visual acuity through the use of a dynamic display, capable of rendering horizontal and vertical stripes with a sinusoidal light transition. This feature significantly increases the topography visibility of defaults in the paint process and significantly reduces operator fatigue and discomfort.

Furthermore, the continuous curvature of the OptiLux light source allows the generation of regular & uninterrupted reflective light patterns, adjustable in width, with progressive grey-level transitions, further heightening the detection ease.

The addition of a dynamically-controlled closed-loop display pattern helps to compensate car displacement in production lines, further improving the defect detection efficiency.

All of the above-named features significantly improve detection efficiency and working conditions of operators.  The ability to follow the continuous reflected light transition over the entire car surface prevents operators from having to move repeatedly between a crouching and an upright posture.

OptiLux provides more ergonomic working condition and improved detection efficiency, improving all aspects of the process.

Linear light box versus Curved LED Light Generators

Main benefits over traditional solutions

  • Dynamic & structured control of displayed light

  • Continuous display curvature

  • Adjustable stripes width

  • V & H direction of stripes display

  • Sinusoidal grey level  stripes transitions

  • Simple and modular scalability

  • Luminosity, contrast, color temperature configurable settings

  • Designed for automated defect detection