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Winning product:SERI

Launch date: 01/12/2019

SERI is an innovative and scalable solution to automatically scan, calculate and list the damage on a vehicle. Using cutting-edge technology, the technical platform is made up of four main components:

  – a reliable and precise measuring tool to identify, measure and classify the impacts;

  – artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the content of the images;

  – a manufacturer database to identify the vehicle and calculate in real time the cost of repair;

  – a 3D restitution of the analyzed impacts.

The technology is employed on hail-damaged vehicles and is based on the absolute 3-D measurement of vehicles (shape and defects), which offers the potential of extending its field of application to other problems such as scratches and collision impacts.

The shapes of the dents are measured in 3-D and all metrological data can be applied to classify the damage: diameter, depth, etc. The dents can be measured on all outer surfaces of the vehicle, using a deflectometry process.

In addition, the system uses deep learning artificial Intelligence components. This will enable it to become increasingly effective in analyzing and processing the images. The dents are displayed in real time. The result can be viewed in 3-D, with automatic allocation of each impact to car body and car glass part.

It takes one minute to analyze and measure the vehicle to then compile the report and automatically calculate the repair estimate. Finally, this solution can be moved around using a special trailer. It then only takes a few hours to set up.

Romain Carre, project director at Groupe Lacour, highlights the advantages of the SERI solution. “Built onto a trailer and operational in the space of a few hours, SERI automates the choice of repair service to offer: dent removal without repainting, part repair, or replacement,” Carre said.

The official awards ceremony will take place at the EQUIP AUTO gala evening, to be held on Tuesday Oct. 15, in the presence of many leading personalities from the automotive industry and media.

The 2019 roll of honor will be joined by further winners at the show with the media’s “Special Awards” made by French journalists in partnership with the press association AJTE. These “favorites” will reward the innovations spotted on exhibitors’ stands by the journalists, and the awards will also be presented at the gala evening on Oct. 15


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Winners Announced For 2019 Equip Auto International Grands Prix For Automotive Innovation


For this 18th edition of the EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation, 142 entries were submitted by the exhibitors. The judging panel, comprising around 50 journalists from 15 countries, elected the winners from the 35 shortlisted entries.